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10 Businesses Started by Young Adults

by Jaime Donovan

You don’t have to be 18 to start a business of your own. As long as you have a product or service that people want to have then you can start up a business anytime. The best thing about being a young adult is that you have time on your side, and that means you have plenty of time to experiment with. 

In today’s world there are so many resources out there for kids and teens. More than any other time in history, kids and teens are starting businesses of their own. Here are a few examples of young adults that started their own businesses.

1. Shower Powder

Camryn Brown was 12 year old when she first started her company Shower Powder.

Her company sells aromatherapy scented shower product, similar to bath bombs and shower steamers. 

2. Super Business Girl

Asia Newson started her candle making company, Super Business Girl when she was only 5 years old. 

3. Flexin’ In My Complexion

Kheris Rogers started her company Flexin’ In My Complexion after being bullied, she wants to encourage people that they’re beautiful with her clothing line. 

4. Zoe’s Dolls

Zoe Terry started, her nonprofit Zoe’s Dolls, at 5 years old. The nonprofit organization donates dolls to girls who don’t have the opportunity to own dolls.

5. RCLBeauty101

Rachel Levin started her YouTube channel RCLBeauty101 when she was 15 years old, and now she has millions of fans around the world.

6. Kawaii Sweet World

Rachel Fong grew up baking, she started when she was 8, then when she was 12 she started her YouTube channel and gets thousands of views. Check out Kawaii Sweet World on YouTube.

7. Autumn De Forest Fine Art

Autumn grew up creating art, and her first painting “Paradise” sold for $6,500. Her paintings have sold for a total of $7 million. Check out her website to find out more about her art.

8. Dimitra Milan Fine Art

Dimitra Milan is an another artist, she started painting when she was 13 and sold one of her first paintings for $50 to a friend.

After graduating from high school she became a full-time artist and her paintings can sell for thousands. Check out her website

9. Sweet Bee Sisters

Sisters Lily, Chloe and Sophie started their beauty line Sweet Bee Sisters in 2009.

Their parents gave them $200 to get started and they’ve since repaid them back.

The cool thing about their products is that many of them are made out of beeswax, which is a cool way to use up beeswax so it isn’t wasted.

10. Bianchi Candle Co. and The Wild Worksmen

On Nic Bianchi’s 12th birthday his parents gave him a candle-making kit.

What started out as a hobby didn’t stay a hobby, he soon started selling his candles.

He now has two lines: Bianchi Candle Co. and The Wild Worksmen. Check out his company Bianchi Candle Co.

I hope this gives you an impression that you can make a business out of anything! Dream big, don’t be afraid to experiment, learn from failures, try again, and live life on your own terms.

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