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Education on a Budget

by Carrie Lowrance

The cost of education in this country is skyrocketing every year. The average price of college right now is a staggering $50,900, and it’s only going to go up as time goes on. It’s no wonder student loan debt is one of the most prominent kinds of debt in our society.

Even with grants, it is excruciatingly expensive to go to college. Does that mean a good education is out of your reach? Absolutely not. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get a good education, no matter their level of interest. Here are some options for you to get an excellent education on a budget.

High School

High school life is very tough these days. There is more pressure with excessive homework, and the environment can be toxic. Perhaps you are being bullied at school, or maybe one of your parents is in the military, and you have to move every few years. Maybe you suffer from depression or anxiety, and it’s hard for you to keep up.

No worries, there is another option. Penn Foster is one of the oldest accredited distance learning schools in the country, and they have a high school program. This program is self-paced with short lessons. It includes all your textbooks, student support, monthly payments without interest and is also mobile friendly.

Also, if you are already enrolled in high school and are looking to make the switch, there is a possibility that some of your credits may transfer. However, this is strictly up to Penn Foster.

Career School

If you are interested in training for a career, Penn Foster has an option for you too. Their career school offers both career certificates and diplomas. Some programs in the career certificate category include accounting essentials, gourmet cooking, child development training, child psychology, fitness and nutrition, and pet grooming.

Programs in the career diploma category include ABC certified wedding planner, bookkeeping, interior design, occupational therapy aide and plumber. Once again, you get everything you need for your training as stated above.


As I mentioned earlier, college tuition costs are blowing up every year, so this is the perfect solution. I attended Penn Foster College when I got my Associate’s in Early Childhood Education and had a fantastic experience. If you have limited finances but still want a good education, this is the place to go.

Some of their Associate programs include accounting, criminal justice, graphic design, paralegal studies, and vet technician. They also have Bachelor’s programs but are limited to business management and criminal justice. What if school isn’t your thing and you’re looking to pursue a creative path? You can still get an excellent education on the creative side of things as well.


You can learn all kinds of things on Udemy. Everything from business to IT to cooking to photography. There are lots of classes for all different levels at all different price points. This is an excellent way to dabble in something and see if it’s for you without spending a TON of money. They also have special sales once in a while, so keep your eye out.


Skillshare is another site that offers courses on various things. Categories include Creative (fine art, graphic design, film animation), Business (leadership, accounting, management), Tech (data science, web development), and Lifestyle (crafts, culinary).

It looks like you have to sign up first before you know how much it will cost a month which is annoying. However, you can cancel anytime.


This web site features classes for more creative and artistic things like 3D printing, paper mache, sewing, food (like making pasta or canning) and photography. From what I can see, most of the classes are free but make sure to double check if you find something that interests you. Instructables doesn’t offer as much as Udemy, but I think it’s still worth looking into.


If you’re wanting to pursue a career in the music business, this web site is for you. SongU offers classes on all aspects of the music industry from lyric writing, music theory, and tech and production to commercial songwriting and the music business. Some classes are DIY, and some are instructor lead.

They also offer coaching, co-writing, song feedback and pitching services as well. They have two membership options. Lite which is $4.95/month or $14.00 a quarter and Platinum which is $25.95/month or $75.00/quarter. They bring the music business to you without you even leaving your house. How cool is that?

As you can see, there are many ways to get an excellent education without breaking the bank. Take some time, evaluate your interests, and jump in. A great education awaits you.

Carrie Lowrance is a writer and author. Her work has been featured on Huffington PostThe Penny Hoarder, & Crosswalk. She is also the author of two children’s books, Don’t Eat Your Boogers and Brock’s Bad Temper. You can find out more about Carrie and her writing at

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