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Flexible Day Jobs for Creatives

by Carrie Lowrance

One of the hardest things for a creative person is finding a job that fits their lifestyle. If you’re like most people, you don’t want to be chained to a job that will take away from your passion. 

You need to have the time to pursue your art in whatever medium that is, from writing to art to graphic design. Thankfully, there are many flexible jobs you can do, online and offline, that won’t stifle your creativity or eat up your time.

Flexible Offline Jobs

Waiter / Hostess Job-You can get a job working at a restaurant as a waiter or hostess for a few nights a week. This way, you will still be around people while having time to pursue your passion. 

Coffee Shop-Get a job at Starbucks or your local coffee shop as a barista or server. 

Uber / Lyft-Drive for Uber or Lyft on your time to make some extra cash. 

Cleaning Houses-Start a cleaning business, this way you can set your own rates and hours. You may even consider cleaning offices or banks to charge higher rates. This way, you may only have to take on a handful of clients that pay higher prices compared to a bunch of smaller jobs. 

Temp Office-Find work through a temp office which will help you narrow down what you’re looking for and possibly have more opportunities available. 

DeeJaying-Working a DJ is a fantastic option for a flexible job. You can work the nights and weekends that you want and set your own rates. 

Makeup Artist-If you have a knack for applying makeup, why not contact your local community theater and see if they have any jobs available? 

Interior Designer-Are you obsessed with shows like Fixer Upper and have a flare for creative home design? Consider becoming an interior decorator and opening your own business. 

Personal Assistant-If you like people, organized, and are good at getting things done; becoming a personal assistant may be the perfect job for you. 

Pet Sitter/Dog Walker-You can either work for an established local pet sitting business, open your own business, or work through a service like Rover or Wag. Pet sitting can be a very flexible yet lucrative job. 

Nanny / Babysitter-If you love kids, this can also be a flexible job, depending on the family. Some families need more care than others. One way to get started is to put a profile on or if you want to start smaller, put the word out through friends and family. 

DoorDash / GrubHub-This is a job delivering food that can be flexible.

Flexible Online Jobs

Virtual Assistant-Being a virtual assistant means that you help online clients with social media, writing emails, planning, and other various tasks. 

Graphic Design-If you are good at making graphics, logos, and other visually related content regarding marketing, you could start your own graphic design business or put up a profile on Fiverr or join Upwork to find people who need help with graphic design. 

Website Design-Web site design can be a very lucrative job if you start your own business and set your own rates. 

Tutoring/ESL Teaching-There are many companies online that hire people to tutor and teach like VIPKid, Cambly, SayABC, Qkids and many more. Keep in mind that you have to have a bachelor’s degree in any subject to apply, but still, these jobs are flexible and pay well. 

Freelance Writing-Freeelance writing is a flexible job. You can either start your own business and pitch to publications or you can join a job site like Upwork, Contena, or Flexjobs. There is no right or wrong way to get started.

Pay will probably be low when you first start out if you have no experience but will go up with the more experience you have. You can also set your own rates. Another great thing about freelance writing is the variety of topics and formats you can write; blogs and articles, e-books, white papers, reports, etc. 

Illustration-You can start your own illustration business and illustrate for comic books, children’s books, and graphic novels, depending on your expertise. 

T-shirt Design-If you are creative and love fashion, you can design your own merchandise and sell it through sites like CafePress and others. 

Selling Paintings-If you are good at art, combine your passion and money making skills, and sell your paintings online. There are many online sites to do this through like Etsy, CafePress, and others. 

Social Media Manager-A social media manager posts on social media, does marketing, tracks traffic, and collaborates with the design team to make graphics, illustrations, and memes for Instagram and other duties. 

Transcription-Transcribers listen to audio and type what they hear. If you are good with small details, don’t mind doing the same thing over and over, and have excellent spelling and grammar skills, this may be a good flexible job for you. 

Editing / Proofreading-Are you a stickler for spelling or obsessed with grammar? Then a reading and proofreading may be a good job for you. 

Online Academic Tutoring-There are many companies like Brainfuse, Prepnow, and Yup that will hire you to tutor in various academic subjects. Keep in mind, you will need to have a college degree or enrolled in college. Communication is primarily by chat, so check the tech requirements before applying.

Do I Need Special Skills?

You may come across a job that requires some special skills. No worries, you can learn these skills at affordable rates through sites like Udemy, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning.

These sites offer tons of classes in all different categories. You may even want to look for classes on a skill that you have been thinking about learning. 

Creatives no longer need to be a slave to the 9-5 grind. There are many flexible online and offline jobs that are available. Creatives can finally pursue their passions and pay their bills with peace of mind.

Carrie Lowrance is a writer and author. Her work has been featured on Huffington PostThe Penny Hoarder, & Crosswalk. She is also the author of two children’s books, Don’t Eat Your Boogers and Brock’s Bad Temper. You can find out more about Carrie and her writing at

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