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How to Save Money on Holiday Baking Supplies

by Carrie Lowrance

There are a lot of young adults who love to bake and right now we’re coming up on that time of year again. If you’re like me and love to bake, you are going to love this post. Today I’m talking about how to save money on holiday baking supplies.


Aldi– My favorite place to get my basics is at my local Aldi’s store. I can get flour and sugar for a under two dollars a bag. I can get baking soda for .49 a box and baking powder for about $1.99.

Chocolate chips (various varieties) all run $1.79 a bag, marshmallows run from .89-$1.99 a bag (depending on size), vanilla extract runs $1.99 and they also have graham pie crusts for $1.19.

Baking Mixes-Once again, Aldi is my life saver. I can usually find boxed baking mixes for around $1.99-$2.49, depending on what it is.

Usually around the holidays they have all kinds of specialty mixes like Snickerdoodle bars, Hot Chocolate cupcakes and Caramel Chocolate cupcakes to name a few.

I don’t buy a lot of these, but it doesn’t hurt to have them in a pinch either.

Leftover Halloween Candy- Every year, I raid the leftover Halloween candy the day after at Walmart. I tell you, this is a baker’s dream.

I have gotten big, 48 oz bags of Hershey’s kisses and Reese’s miniatures for $4.50 in the past, and normal size bags of Twix, Butterfinger, Snickers, etc for $1.50. This definitely beats having to pay regular price at holiday time.  I just take it home and freeze it for later.

Foil Pans, Decorative Trays and Bakeware– I usually buy my 9×13 foil baking pans for $2.98 (2 pk w/lids). One year in the Christmas baking aisle I found a set of decorated, oven safe, cardboard baking papers (assorted loaf sizes and mini muffins)  for $8.98. Also, if I need any extra plastic trays to give things away on, I can get them for around two dollars.

(Tip:  Speaking of cookie trays, check this out for a money saver. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper and then take a bag of starlight mints and arrange them in a circle.

Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes and then let cool completely. You now have an edible cookie tray. I haven’t tried this yet but I definitely plan to this Christmas season!)

Cereal-If  I am making s’mores bars, I buy a big bag of Malt-O-Meal Honey Grahams for around $6.00.  I can make two 9×13 pans with one bag. I’m not sure if they have rice cereal or not in this brand, but you can always be adventurous and try something else.

Spices-Another holiday baking supply that can get really expensive is spices. I usually buy mine at our local Big R or also at Aldi’s if I’m out. A lot of it depends on what I need. Aldi has a decent spice collection but our local Big R store has a massive one.

Many people swear by the ever popular McCormick brand but I do not. I have found that inexpensive works just as good as the big brands.

I can get spices at Aldi for around $1.99 and at Big R for a little less than that. If you don’t have either of these stores in your area, take a look at your local Dollar General or Family Dollar.

Now that you know how to save money on holiday baking supplies, go start baking! ? Feeling inspired? Tell me what you plan to make in the comments, I would love to know.

Carrie Lowrance is a writer and author. Her work has been featured on Huffington PostThe Penny Hoarder, & Crosswalk. She is also the author of two children’s books, Don’t Eat Your Boogers and Brock’s Bad Temper. You can find out more about Carrie and her writing at

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